Month: December 2017

Crime Stoppers: Thieves steal keys, return to use them months later

In Crime Stoppers, this week, we head to East Ridge. “This was a theft from vehicle,” Assistant Chief Stan Allen said. As he would explain, it happened at least two times.

First, in June of 2016, keys to three other vehicles were stolen from the victim’s car parked at an apartment complex off Dunlap Avenue. “He asked property managers to put up some cameras,” Chief Allen said.

Management complied, and that leads to images we have of a second crime.

Nearly two months later, they informed the victim.

“On December 17th of this year,” Allen explained, “the property management notified them that they had video from October 25th of this year of someone that appeared to be entering his car.”

The bad guys did not take the car, but stole some items from inside.

Here is where you can earn some reward cash. We do not get a detailed look at the crooks but can see the one actually getting into the car is a white female. As for her partner behind the wheel of their getaway car, we can only offer a vague description.

“The camera didn’t pick up whether or not the driver was a male or female,” Allen said, “just said it was a heavyset individual.”

Their car, though, may help nail down exactly who they are.

“It’s a white Honda Civic four-door, ’96 to 2005 model,” Allen described. “It appears that it has power windows the way the windows rolled down that you can see in the video.”

Those windows are tinted. There is also damage to the front driver’s side quarter panel and the hubcap is missing, as well.

Can you put the clues together? Up to $1,000 is on the table for your good information. But, as Asst. Chief Allen reminds us, especially this time of year, there’s a higher reason to help find this duo.

“Besides the money,” he added, “it’s the right thing to do.”

If the descriptions and that vehicle put you in mind of someone, remember, this was the last week of October, we want to hear from you. Call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.

That hotline is manned 24/7, and we will never ask who you are.

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Crime Stoppers: Suspect missing front teeth steals $1,000 worth of clothing

If all you want for Christmas is your two front teeth, you may feel a particular soft spot for this week’s suspect because, according to eyewitnesses, she is missing four front teeth!


Sgt. Rebecca Crites leads Property Crimes and describes the case. “This could be some of your Christmas presents you want to get for somebody and all the sudden, someone just walks up, grabs a hold of it, and out the door they go,” she said.

In this instance, it was more than a thousand dollars worth of clothes from Old Navy at Northgate Mall. It was December 3rd and in the midst of the shopping day.

Sgt. Crites tells us who we are looking for:

“She’s going to be a white female,”¬†Crites said. “She’s going to be average height, average weight. She’s going to be wearing a black shirt, black pants, tan shoes, and she carries, she’ll have a printed bag with her; a big printed bag.”

The video from in-store security cameras shows she seems to be shopping for specific things and specific sizes. The suspect even asks for assistance from a store employee at one point.

“And she just puts it in her hands, and she runs out the door,” Sgt. Crites continued. “You’ll actually see in the video, you’ll see two witnesses actually see her going out,¬†and they notify management and say, ‘hey, there’s a female running out with a bunch of clothes!’ And she gets into 2005 white Tahoe and disappears into the sunset.”

She was not only the thief, the suspect was also her own getaway driver behind the wheel of that Chevy SUV. It had Tennessee tags.

The video is pretty clear, but there is another clue that may help zero you in on her identity.

“What you’re gonna recognize about her is she’s actually missing four front teeth,” Sgt. Crites said. “She just went in there, selected her items, what she was going to steal, walked out with them, got into her car and went on her merry way.”

We have reward cash for your good information on who she is or where you may have seen that Tahoe.

“Yes,” Sgt. Crites added. “They may have seen her in it, or if they saw anybody in that area at that time. If they were shopping at Northgate Mall. While you were doing your Christmas shopping, anybody that can call into Crime Stoppers, and hopefully it’ll lead to the arrest of the suspect; this felony theft suspect.”

Do you have any idea who we are looking for? Maybe you have seen her in the SUV in a certain neighborhood. Investigators would love to know that, too.
Call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.

That hotline is manned 24/7, and we’ll never ask your identity.

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Crime Stoppers: Theft from Southside car parked inside garage

If you park your car in the garage, you would think it would be safe. In Crime Stoppers, this week, a bad guy didn’t let that stop him.


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Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333.

The hotline is manned 24-7 and we will never ask who you are.