Police are looking for a killer in a shooting that happened last year. Crime Stoppers has a way you can help solve the case anonymously and earn a reward in the process. Our promises of reward cash and anonymity are especially important in this case, because people know about what happened and maybe even who did it, but they could be worried about what may happen to them if they help. “We know that people know about this crime. We know that the suspect or suspects have talked about this crime,” Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller said. In the early morning hours in April 2017, this crime went down. “Kendre Allen and one of his friends were driving on Spring Creek Road when they heard shots ring out,” Sgt. Miller explained. Allen was hit. His friend drove toward the hospital. Patrol officers in the area heard the gunfire, as well, and responded to the Brainerd Road area where they spotted the speeding car and followed it to the hospital. Doctors could not save Kendre Allen. “Kendre was only 20-years-old when he was shot and killed,” Miller added. “He is a son to a mother who is very concerned, and she wants justice for her son and for her family.” Kendre Allen was at an establishment in the hours before he was shot. The killer was there, too. We have up to a thousand dollars reward for your good tip. “So, if you were with Kendre the night that he was shot, prior to when he was shot, please call in and provide that information,” Sgt. Miller pleaded, “who you saw there, what you were doing, what they were doing, anyone that acted suspicious or if there was a fight or anything that stood out to you that night. Please call in.” Again, we will never ask who you are. You will be issued a case number you will use in all your dealings with Crime Stoppers.

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