Crime Stoppers: Theft from Southside car parked inside garage

If you park your car in the garage, you would think it would be safe. In Crime Stoppers, this week, a bad guy didn’t let that stop him.


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Crime Stoppers: Credit card fraud suspect

This week’s bad guy is using credit cards and card numbers that do not belong to him, but he is doing it in plain view of some pretty good security cameras.

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Crime Stoppers: Felony theft from Ulta and more

The group of thieves we are looking for this week has stolen more than a thousand dollars worth of merchandise, a number of times. Now, we have their pictures and your information could lead you to cold hard cash.

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Crime Stoppers: Home burglary in a Flash t-shirt

We have some pretty clear pictures of a guy who chose ‘trick’ over ‘treat’ just a day before Halloween. He didn’t count on surveillance cameras, a vigilant neighbor, or your help through Crime Stoppers. “We always ask ‘if you see something, say something,'” said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller. “This neighbor did exactly what we asked and we’re hoping that the public will come forward with information so we can put this person behind bars.”

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